Breanna Freeborn

Breanna Freeborn, MA, LPCC

Community-Based Services

Clinic-Based Services

I provide therapy to children, adolescents, and adults alike, though I specialize in play therapy with Elementary-aged children and individual therapy with adults. I approach my clients with warmth and collaboration, and I am flexible and sensitive in sessions to accommodate unique concerns. I tend to use principles of CBT, psychodynamic approaches for relational issues, and existential therapy for concerns with meaning/purpose/authenticity. I often use creative and holistic techniques - for example, meditation - with both adults and children. Additionally, I have an interest in Ecotherapy, which emphasizes how our connection with the natural world and our surroundings impacts well-being.

Areas of Specialty:




To inquire about or make a referral for community-based services, contact our Client Coordinator at 612.455.8643 or complete our online referral form.

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