Brownell Mack

Brownell Mack, PsyD, LP

Director of Clinical Operations

Having worked in the mental health field for over 20 years, I have extensive experience providing behavioral health assessment and therapy services to children and adults. My clinical competencies include diagnosis and treatment of depression, anxiety, trauma, developmental and intellectual disabilities, substance use disorders, and adjustment difficulties. I provide services in multiple modalities (e.g., individual, family, and couples therapy).

Throughout my career, I have been particularly interested in delivering person-centered care, tailoring my services to clients' preferences, values, and unique needs. My practice of psychology is guided by principles of resilience and wellness. I constantly aim to utilize each individual's strengths, adaptive capacities, and sources of joy and purpose to facilitate change.

I view the practice of psychology as a privilege, an opportunity each day to unleash the unique talents and potential that exists within every person. I welcome the chance to work with anyone interested in finding a way through life's challenges but ultimately in learning how they can thrive amid adversity.

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