Psychological/Neuropsychological Testing

Psychological/ Neuropsychological Testing

Psychological testing and assessment is used to provide information to support or clarify a diagnosis for a client, or to help in the development of the client’s treatment plan. Testing is often requested by primary care physicians, county social workers, attorneys, courts, schools and other behavioral health providers.

Testing is often used in differential diagnosis (when the client’s initial assessment points to multiple possible diagnoses), learning disabilities/academic achievement, diagnosing ADHD, evaluating emotional and interpersonal concerns, and assessing cognitive dysfunction.

The clinician conducting the evaluation may rely on a wide range of testing instruments to assess intelligence, achievement, personality, attention/concentration, memory, behavior and adaptive functioning.

At ACP, psychological/neuropsychological testing is a multi-stage process: collecting initial information, conducting the formal evaluation, and providing feedback on the test results, which may take place over multiple sessions spanning several weeks. If you have been referred for psychological testing, it is important that you commit to completing all the required sessions.

Psychological testing is administered and interpreted by doctorate-level clinicians who have advanced training and qualifications. Meet our psychological testing specialists:

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