Anxiety, Depression, & Grief Therapy

At the Associated Clinic of Psychology (ACP), our local Twin Cities therapists offer exceptional therapy services to address anxiety, depression, and grief.


Everyone gets nervous sometimes, but the diagnosis of general anxiety is more than that—it’s when feelings of anxiety seem out of your control and cause distress and difficulty in functioning in everyday life.

Anxiety presents as persistent, pervasive, and excessive worry about a variety of different things. Sometimes the anxiety may have a focus, such as socializing, work, family, money, upcoming events, etc., but sometimes it may just be a general feeling of anxiety that you just can’t shake.


Depression is a mood disorder that affects both the mind and body. For many, there are persistent feelings of sadness, emptiness, or hopelessness; a loss of interest in things you once enjoyed; or trouble doing day-to-day activities, but many other symptoms can present themselves.


The loss of a loved one can lead to acute, encompassing and deep sadness. Grief also often occurs following a transition, divorce, or other types of loss. While there is no timetable to work through feelings of grief, prolonged grief, without support and external help, can lead to chronic loneliness and isolation.

If you have been experiencing anxiety, depression or grief - please reach out. It may seem difficult, but mental health treatment can help you feel better, and our experienced clinicians are ready to help you. ACP offers therapy for anxiety, depression, and grief, as well as psychiatric services for those who may benefit from medication.

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Whether you’re in need of grief counseling or behavioral health services to manage your anxiety symptoms, contact our clinic for help. We’ll match you with one of our experienced providers who will support and provide you encouragement every step of the way.

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