Child Therapy Services

Child behavioral therapy is designed to help children recognize, learn, and adopt positive behaviors that will improve their social skills and cognitive developmental health.

Children may develop negative behaviors due to a traumatic event, stress at school, or family situations. Perhaps you’ve recently had a divorce, a death in the family, or your family moved to a new school district. These types of transitional changes may be difficult for your child to overcome on their own; therefore, your child may benefit from meeting regularly with a child therapist to explore their concerns and behaviors in a safe, positive environment.

About Our Child and Adolescent Therapy Services

A child behavioral therapist can help your child work through emotional roadblocks, traumatic events, depression, anxiety, and other serious behavioral health issues that are affecting their personal development.

At the Associated Clinic of Psychology (ACP), our licensed child therapists work with children individually to explore their experiences and the issues they’re dealing with.

By working together, they will find positive techniques and coping mechanisms to deal with problems and produce positive outcomes. From there, your child will learn how to use those same skills in the real world, as they grow and develop.

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