Family, Couples, & Marriage Therapy

Relationships and marriage have their good and bad days, but when you and your partner stop communicating or trusting each other, it may be time to contact a professional for help.

At the Associated Clinic of Psychology (ACP), we work with couples dealing with issues that range from financial strain, infidelity, trust, parental issues, and more.

Whether you are married, engaged, dating, or in a long term partnership, couples therapy can allow you and your spouse or partner to reopen the lines of communication and help you both build a stronger foundation. Together, you’ll work with an experienced therapist to creatively solve each issue to help restore your relationship and/or your marriage.

How Can Couples Therapy Help?

A therapist is different than having a close friend to listen to our problems. While therapists are always compassionate, non-judgmental listeners, they also have years of education and training in spotting patterns in thoughts and behaviors (both good and bad), relationship dynamics, and can offer effective interventions to guide you through all kinds of difficulties.

A marriage therapist has an outside perspective, and—with kindness—will be honest and direct with you and your spouse. Therapy offers a safe, supportive space to find healthier ways of coping and confronting your marital or relationship issues, to make sense of past experiences, and to continue to a healthier and happier life together.

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