Dr. Brose

John Brose, PHD, LP, LMFT, LADC

Clinic-Based Therapy Services
Geriatric Services

Dr. Brose has worked in behavioral health for many years in a variety of contexts. He founded ACP in 1980 with Dr. Charles S. Evans and continues to serve as ACP’s CEO and Clinical Director. He has spent many years on the teaching faculty of various training institutes instructing various psychiatrists, psychologists and clinical social workers. He continues to see many clients each week for outpatient psychotherapy in the Minneapolis clinic. He has also offered numerous workshops on a national basis on various topics.

Dr. Brose was one of the first psychologists in the United States to deliver on-site services to seniors in long-term care. He has provided services and leadership in long-term care facilities for over 30 years, and is considered a leading national authority on aging and the behavioral health needs of the older adult. Dr. Brose has served as an advocate for the care of the older adult through clinical practice, serving on committees examining state and federal regulation of the long-term care industry, and offering training and educational programs locally and around the United States. He has served on many advisory boards and committees addressing multiple issues affecting behavioral health.

In 1991, Dr. Brose was awarded the “Outstanding Contributor to Healthcare Award” by the American College of Healthcare Administrators. In 1996, and again in 2002, Dr. Brose was nominated as “Outstanding Contributor of Geriatric Clinical Services” by the Minnesota Gerontological Society. In 2000, Dr. Brose was awarded the “Excellence in Care Giving” Award by the Minnesota Alzheimer’s Association.

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