Mental Health Services for LTC Residents

In 1980, ACP pioneered the practice of seeing patients in geriatric care environments such as long-term care facilities (nursing homes), independent and assisted living residences, and short-term rehab and transitional care units, rather than forcing patients to travel to the clinic. ACP was one of the first practices in the country to take this approach, recognizing that these are unique patients and environments that require unique care.

By going to patients in their own environment, clinicians can provide treatment without increasing stress or causing a disruption in regular care. Our expert clinicians don’t just observe their patients, they observe the world that they live in—their home—and thus treat them more effectively, and with dignity and respect.

We continue to be at the forefront of geriatric care, working closely with facilities to maximize the quality of life and wellbeing of their residents, who may suffer from multiple losses, physical and cognitive decline, dementia, depression, anxiety and other issues. Resident mental health services that ACP provides include:

  • Diagnostic assessment and treatment planning
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Psychological testing
  • Behavior management planning
  • Family consultation, therapy and education
  • Psychiatric medication assessment and monitoring

ACP’s unique approach to geriatric mental health incorporates not only individual assessment and therapy for residents, but an integrated team approach that may include recommendations for the resident’s entire care team, making sure that the improvements to their lives continue even when we’re not there. We offer creative and innovative methods to help staff manage even the most difficult cases.

Telehealth Services

ACP is pleased to be able to offer the revolution of mental health therapy via secure video conferencing (“telehealth”) to nursing homes in more remote areas of Minnesota and Wisconsin that do not have direct access to quality on-site mental health services.

Consultation Services

ACP also provides consultation services to facilities on a contract basis to help maximize the effectiveness of facility and staff resources. ACP’s consulting services enable facilities to meet and anticipate current and future challenges resulting from the ever-changing landscape and standards for long-term care. Consultation services may include:

  • Assistance in facility standards compliance
  • Staff training
  • Interdisciplinary team development
  • Program development
  • Organizational consultation
  • Marketing consultation

Meet our Geriatric staff

If you are interested in arranging a mental/behavioral health assessment or therapy for a loved one, please contact the Director of Social Services at the residence to find out if ACP currently serves that facility, contact our Client Coordinator at 612.455.8643 to make a referral, or complete our online referral form.

If you are a facility interested in contracting for ongoing mental health services, please contact our Minneapolis office at 612.925.6033.

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