Community-Based Therapy Services

My life experiences have granted me the compassion necessary for building strong therapeutic relationships with my clients. This, along with my capacity to foster a safe and comfortable environment, has enabled me to work closely with clients facing a wide range of problems from day-to-day scheduling issues to existential dilemmas about purpose.

I have always been interested in the relationship between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. As a client, you can expect me to listen closely to your story, help you to examine your feelings & thoughts on a situation, and offer new ideas in order to help you move forward from your situation.

Telehealth Services

To expand and improve our care options for clients, ACP offers Telehealth (phone or video) appointments. Telehealth uses phone or video conferencing to connect you with highly qualified and experienced providers in real-time from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office. Before your telehealth appointment, you will receive details for how you will connect with your provider. If you will be connecting via phone, the provider will plan to call you at your scheduled appointment time. Please be ready to take the call and also check that your phone allows calls from blocked numbers (accessible within your phone settings). If you will be connecting via video conference, your provider will email you an invite to join the appointment. Please call our office to learn more about ACP’s telehealth services and to schedule an appointment.

Areas of Specialty

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Licensures / Titles

  • Mental Health Practitioner


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